A message from saint John Paul II


"Today ... I am handing you the Rosary beads. Through prayer and meditation on the mysteries, Mary leads you safely towards her Son! Do not be ashamed to recite the Rosary alone, while you walk along the streets to school, to the university or to work, or as you commute by public transport. Adopt the habit of reciting it among yourselves, in your groups, movements and associations.  Do not hesitate to suggest that it be recited at home ... because it rekindles and strengthens the bonds between family members. This prayer will help you to be strong in your faith, constant in charity, joyful and persevering in hope."

    8 March 2003 by Blessed John Paul II, The Great

An Environmental Sculpture

Whether you are leisurely walking down its natural pathways, crossing over its foot bridges, or simply sitting by the stream to read or to rest, this tranquil, natural facility will nourish and refresh you.  Our Holy Mother will guide and help you.

 The Rosary Path complex is planned to accommodate a variety of visitors. These might include: a day visit, a family retreat, a group retreat,  or simply an hour of private prayer and reflection. Whatever the chosen option the Rosary Path will renew the visitors spirit and fill one with the fruits of the mysteries of the Rosary.  All will leave the Rosary Path with a deepened love of Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord, and with a greater devotion to the Rosary.

Many people who meet here will become life-long friends.  Some will join in efforts to establish the Path while others will volunteer their time and talents to maintaining the Rosary Path as a Catholic renewal centre for saving and enriching many souls!