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A message from Saint John Paul II


"Today ... I am handing you the Rosary beads. Through prayer and meditation on the mysteries, Mary leads you safely towards her Son! Do not be ashamed to recite the Rosary alone, while you walk along the streets to school, to the university or to work, or as you commute by public transport. Adopt the habit of reciting it among yourselves, in your groups, movements and associations.  Do not hesitate to suggest that it be recited at home ... because it rekindles and strengthens the bonds between family members. This prayer will help you to be strong in your faith, constant in charity, joyful and persevering in hope."

    8 March 2003 by St. John Paul II, The Great


The entire Marylake community announces with great joy that Cardinal Thomas Collins has designated the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace at Marylake as one of nine archdiocesan sites of sacred pilgrimage for the upcoming Church-wide celebration of the "Year of Mercy."   The ceremony of the "Opening of the Holy Door", which is an integral part of this designation, took  place on the Third Sunday of Advent, December 13, 2015 at the 9:00 AM Mass. This was a wonderful Spirit-filled occasion which was followed by a hour of fellowship and joy.

Cardinal to Bless and Officially

Open The Rosary Path at Marylake 


My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

It is with great joy that I announce that the Cardinal's office has confirmed the Cardinal's participation as main celebrant for the Mass and official blessing of the Rosary Path on Sunday August 14th 2016!  The Cardinal has a Mass in Oshawa in the morning so our Mass and blessing will start at 3:00 pm.  This will be a great and historic event in the history of Marylake, the Augustinians, The Rosary Path at Marylake and all those who helped bring this to fruition.

 “The Rosary Path at Marylake” is well underway to fulfilling Mary’s wishes.  All 59 Rosary Beads have been donated. 

Our Rosary Path at Marylake has made great strides this past year. The 19’Crucifix was installed Saturday, October 24th/15. The Beautiful Bronze 11’ Corpus  arrived from the foundry on August 5th and was mounted to a stainless steel Cross donated  by ADM Stainless Inc. 

Thanks also, to our dedicated Executive and volunteers…without whose help I could not have brought the Rosary Path Project this far.

 The Corpus was sculpted by the renowned Canadian artist, Timothy P. Schmalz. We commissioned this beautiful, powerful work but Tim worked extremely hard to meet our deadline and deliver the work to ADM on time. I can’t express how proud I am of this fantastic collaboration and wonderful work of art. 

 I am overjoyed to say the Great Crucifix has been dedicated and blessed. This breath taking art piece marks the beginning of The Rosary Path at Marylake and will be linked to all 59 Beads and future fountain. It also marks the beginning of this magnificent gift from Our Blessed Mother to Her Son, Christ our Lord.

Many other expenditures are required to fully establish this Rosary and Pathway for initial use starting this coming August 14th.  As you can see, besides the Great Crucifix, the first five Beads are in place on Chapel Hill and thirty Beads in the upper field.  You will notice that the entire work area has been fenced off …..for your safety. The Chapel Hill roadway is almost complete. A separate Fund raising effort  is underway  to help pay for the Corpus.

With our blessed Mothers help, we have made great progress.  This year my son, Terry,  hand dug 59 concrete slab holes 16” deep by 42” dia. Then the holes were filled with foundation gravel. We then placed all the Pads in the upper field. The Pads are the foundation and anchors for the Beads. Thanks to Lou Conte and his partner Roy, owners of King Cross Construction here in King City, The Bulldozer operator, Armando, continues his magic in the upper field. The removal of 12”-16” of topsoil from the Pathway is complete (over one Km.) and ready for the gravel topping. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the change.....the entire treed area has been opened looks fantastic. King Cross Construction has generously donated their equipment and manpower for over a year to help fulfill Mary’s Gift to Her Son…The Rosary Path at Marylake.

We have also installed the Statue of Our Lady (on loan from the generous Sisters here at Marylake) in the future fountain area. This is a temporary installation (which I fully restored) during construction, so you can see where the future  Fountain will be placed. We will have a separate Fundraising effort to build this beautiful Fountain of Our Lady of Grace.

Our Directors have been very busy organizing some of the other amenities needed for the completion of the Rosary Path. i.e. Benches, Trees, Park Lamp Posts, Gazebos, etc. I am happy to report that we now have available, for a $1,500.00 donation, Beautiful Park Benches.  Eight of the 100+ needed have been donated…to date. They are made of a sturdy composite and will have an engraved plate on them. You can dedicate the Bench to a loved one or Group.

This also applies to the large 8” Square X 18’ Stations of the Cross. These are available for a $5,000.00 donation. Five Crosses have already been donated. The funds will go toward completion of the Pathway. 

 A sample Cross can be seen on the Pathway in the upper field and Sample Benches can be viewed outside the Marylake, Our Lady of Grace Church main doors.

The Stations of the Cross will be fundraised in two sections. One section for the large wooden Crosses at $5,000.00 donation each. The Artwork for each Station will be a 4’ X 7’ plate glass panel with beautiful scenes of the Passion imbedded into them. The Art work is available for a donation of $15,000.00 for each Station or in three blocks of $5,000.00 donations from separate donors. (This is separate donation funding). 

We, the Directors  & Members of “The Rosary Path at Marylake” and the “Augustinian Fathers at Marylake” thank all of you for your kind support, without which Our Lady’s Wishes could not be fulfilled.

An Environmental Sculpture

Whether you are leisurely walking down its natural pathways, crossing over its foot bridges, or simply sitting by the stream to read or to rest, this tranquil, natural facility will nourish and refresh you.  Our Holy Mother will guide and help you.

Many people who meet here will become life-long friends.  Some will join in efforts to establish the Path while others will volunteer their time and talents to maintaining the Rosary Path as a Catholic renewal centre for saving and enriching many souls!