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Description/Explanation for Elements

along The Rosary Path.

The Great Crucifix, garden and patio were designed by Ted Harasti, along with the Scroll on the Cross.

ADM Stainless Steel manufactured the stainless steel cross according to Ted’s drawings and they and the Canneto Society helped with the installation. Ted had already installed the Footings for the Cross and after the installation, Kingcross Contracting built the garden walls and patio from Ted’s drawings. Vince Tuzi donated the funds for the wall stones.

Timothy Schmaltz sculpted the beautiful corpus of Christ and the funds were supplied by Queen of The Holy Rosary Shrine.

The 59 Beads along the Rosary Path are placed approximately 60 feet apart, as per the instructions to Ted from our Blessed Mother. The only exceptions to this are the chains joining the Crucifix and first Bead and the Beads adjoining the Fountain (Medallion). They were manufactured in fibreglass from the mould that Ted designed. The fabricator was RJB Customs. The Beads are in two colours…White for the “Our Father” Beads and Thistle Purple for the “Hail Mary” Beads. Mary specifically asked for the colour of Thistle Purple. A great deal of research went into the paints for the Beads. We chose a very expensive paint which is used on the North Sea Oil rigs and is touted to be maintenance free (saving damage) for approx. 50 years. The colours were specially formulated for us. A memorial donor plaque is attached to the right side of each Bead Pad.

The chains that link each Bead are made of white nylon and are designed to break-away should there be any stress on them. The chains are supported halfway by specially designed SS cairns. In the back field there are Memorial Trees planted halfway between the Beads

but, set back from the Path 30 feet. Where the Cairns/ Chain supports are located opposite the Memorial Trees…the Cairn will bare a SS Memorial plaque to designate the donor/ loved one.

The Mystery Boards along the Pathway located across from the Mystery Beads (White) where built by Terry Harasti from Ted’s drawings and the Artwork depicting the Mysteries are from (by special Permission) the Ave Maria Centre Pocket Rosary. The Pictures are mounted on Aluminum backing plates and the artwork is done in a special enameled process which should last many maintenance free years.

Once a Mystery Board is donated a SS plaque is placed on the left side of the Bead Pad which relates to that set of Mysteries.

The Memorial Benches which are across the Path from each Bead allow pilgrims to sit, rest, pray and meditate…..or simply read or take in the beauty and serenity of this most

holy place. There is a SS plaque embedded into the back of each Bench and the Benches are bolted down to their accompanied concrete Pad. The Memorial Benches are also located at each Station of The Way of the Cross (along the outside of the Rosary Path). Please see the Typical layout affixed to the Site Plan.

The Jewel of The Rosary Path is the Name we have given to “The Fountain”. The current structure was built as a temporary installation until we could raise the funding to replace it with a wet, working beautiful fountain. The Fountain is situated were the Medallion (Medal) of a hand-held Rosary would be.

This is the Artist’s rendering of the completed Fountain at this location.

It is designed, by Ted Harasti, to have the statue of Our Blessed Mother inside a huge 12 ft. globe with four large, round holes piercing it. Behind the orb will be a large circular, stained glass depiction o​f  

The Holy Spirit Dove. SS spray wands will spray water over the top of the globe ….falling into the pond of the Fountain.

The Beautiful Stations which make up “Mary’s Way of The Cross” is designed by Ted Harasti. Each Station has a 12 ft 8” X 8” Cedar Cross with bronze Stn. #s & Memorial Plaque (for the Cross). We commissioned Stuart Reid, a professor of Art at O.C.A.D. in Toronto, to create the beautiful, thought provoking glass artwork depicting the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

From Ted’s Drawings…. Pat Tremamunno, President of Inox Ind. designed & manufactured the tremendous SS art frames as a contribution to the project. While all this was taking place Ted had the Concrete support piers installed at each Station along the Pathway. ADM Stainless Steel supplied the SS tie-down bolts and were instrumental in the final installation of the Artwork. Frank Santarsia (Villanova College Team) were also of tremendous help. The Station areas were populated with Memorial Benches where pilgrims can sit, pray and absorb the beauty of the Stations.

While and during all this…Ted designed began Building “The Empty Tomb” and the 15th Station (by permission) …”The Resurrection” had its genesis. Work continues, even to this day to bring this most holy of holy spots to fruition. The interior is planned to be completed 2020…including interior solar lighting.

You will note that there are many items of the Site Plan that indicate “Proposed”. These are elements we hope to add in the future as Fundraising permits. We have already installed 2 of 8 proposed Solar Lights to light the way of Pilgrims who visit the Rosary Path/Way of The Cross in the evenings.

We also wish to install several Eco-friendly washrooms in the back field and several Gazebos to shelter pilgrims from sun and rain.

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