How to pray the Rosary

 The Rosary is made up of "decades". A decade is one "Our Father" followed by ten "Hail Marys" and a "Glory Be". Whilst it is usual to say five decades at a time, it is better to say one decade well, rather than five decades badly.

Begin with the sign of the cross (here a beginning prayer or petition may be said i.e. Queen of the Holy Rosary Prayer or Memorare). Pray the "Apostles Creed" holding the crucifix and continue on the straight piece of the Rosary with one Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory Be, as shown in the picture. Then, to start the first decade, pray one Our Father (here, recite the 1st Mystery).

Moving on to the circular piece of the Rosary, continue with ten Hail Marys and finish the first decade with one Glory Be and the "Fatima Prayer". By saying five decades of the Rosary, you will complete one full circuit of the beads. To finish, after completing your chosen number of decades, pray the "Hail Holy Queen". The prayer to "St. Michael Archangel" and the "Memorare" are very powerful extra prayers.

As you say each decade, meditate about a story in the life of Mary and Jesus. There are 20 stories to focus your heart on. Each story is called a "Mystery".

Explore the sections to the right to be able to follow the five "Joyful" mysteries, the "Mysteries of Light", the five "Sorrowful" and five "Glorious Mysteries".